Together We Stand


We understand the stresses of travel planning as new information about the coronavirus continues to emerge.  Along with others across the nation, we are working hard to stay informed on its impact as new information becomes available and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone who's been affected by this disease.


Currently we have no cancellations or travel restrictions due to coronavirus. However, we understand you may have concerns about travel and we would like to ease your worries by offering no change fees if you wish to postpone your travel plans because of concerns related to coronavirus. You are allowed to change your travel date or leave your ticket open for 6 months until you are ready to travel.


If you wish to postpone your trip to a later date, contact us at 1-323-587-5233 at AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE and our friendly customer care supervisor will be ready to assist.


We suggest that if you feel sick or have symptoms similar to those of the flu, avoid traveling to ensure the safety of others. You may be eligible for a full refund.



Safety is our #1 priority so we're taking our cleaning process to the next level. To assure your safety and the safety of our staff, we've enhanced the sanitation procedures on our buses and in our privately owned terminals.  We also encourage you to wash your hands frequently and for extra peace of mind, carry hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to use at your seat.



Face Mask are REQUIRED* both in our terminals and all of our buses . If you do not have a face mask they are available for purchase at our terminal and inside our buses.



While it’s always been our policy to thoroughly clean our buses after each trip, we're taking it up a notch by enhancing cleaning efforts in our most frequently used areas such as handrails, door handles, overhead bins and restrooms. Note: Each bus will be equipped with Hand Soap, Lysol, and Paper Towels please feel free to ask your driver for any of these items.



We're taking a team approach in our terminals and we now have staff cleaning more areas, more often! We have reduced seating in our terminals to allow for social distancing, please feel free to arrive 30 minutes prior to boarding.


Please Visit the CDC Website for more information about this new virus and alerts