About Us


Fronteras del Norte
Family Owned & Operated Since 1991.

Learning the Ropes

Before Mr. Lopez started Fronteras Del Norte he worked as a driver for the company for more than 10 years. Being the trailblazer that he was, Mr. Lopez purchased the company with the hopes of expansion and providing a better service to his customers. He began with only one vehicle a 19 passenger mini bus that he purchased with all the money he had in his pocket and drove it down to the border from Los Angeles for over 10 years. As the demand for the service grew he saw the need to purchase 3 additional vehicles, but knew he needed drivers, dispatchers and a maintenance team. His family was up! The Lopez Family has continued to pioneer his vision for a better service by adding more destinations, newer model buses, innovative waiting areas, and more amenities on board.

Listening to the Demand

As a steady flow of passengers from Huntington Park to San Ysidro grew there was another demand for passenger services heading up north to Bakersfield, Fresno, and Stockton. These areas were familiar to Mr. Lopez because of his early days when he would leave his hometown of Villachuato Michoacan Mexico to come and work as a “brasero”. Working in these different cities he was able to discover the need for transportation for his local “Paisanos”. Soon, customers started requesting trips as far north as Washington State, and Fronteras responded with those services.

Our Mission Statement

Here at Fronteras we pride ourselves on satisfying our customers needs whether that is transporting them to see their family members or to a job that wouldn’t have been possible without the means of transportation. That is why what started as a once a week trip up north or down south has grown to providing bus transportation more than 10 times a day.

Fronteras del Norte’s mission is to provide the best transportation service that is
Economical, Safe, Efficient and Attentive to their Customers Needs. 

Thank you for continuing to travel with Fronteras Del Norte & most importantly
Thank You for trusting in our Father’s Dream in “Transporting Important People Like You”!


The Lopez Family.

Bus Amenities

GPS Route Tracking
2 check bags (50lbs) + 1 carry on for free
Qualified Drivers
TV Monitors
Recline Seating
110V Power Outlets (newer units)